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Knowledgeable Massachusetts Estate Planning Lawyer Delivers Personalized Assistance

Andover law firm serving clients in Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties since 2011

The Law Offices of Paul Marad LLP delivers a full range of services for preparing wills and trusts and other estate planning documents throughout the Andover and surrounding area. Estate planning may not seem like fun, but it’s a vital step in protecting your assets and ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled after you’re gone or are no longer able to make decisions. For more than a decade, our firm’s attorney, Paul Marad, has been guiding clients through the estate planning process with personalized and prompt assistance.

Comprehensive support for drafting and executing valid wills

Putting together a will might seem like a simple task, but creating a legal and effective will is another story. A probate court won’t approve a will if it doesn’t meet certain requirements. Our law firm will work closely with you to draft a will that is comprehensive, considers various contingencies and covers the full range of your assets.

Our firm’s attorney will help you choose the appropriate executor to be in charge of managing your estate and carrying out the directions you make in your will. We also recommend a thorough review every few years or when you experience major life events so that you can change your will to reflect your current circumstances and goals.

Our firm also provides compassionate and effective representation to executors, beneficiaries, heirs and administrators in probate proceedings in Massachusetts courts. Probate can be complex, particularly when one party wishes to contest portions of the will.

Established law firm protects clients’ assets with living trusts

In addition to preparing a comprehensive will, our law firm can help clients avoid probate costs with the formation of a trust. Living trusts allow you to choose certain property to be transferred to loved ones without the hassle of probate.

Trusts can also minimize the estate tax burden for high-net worth clients. The federal exemption is over $5 million, but Massachusetts’s exemption is $1 million. I can structure trusts designed to help your estate achieve optimal tax treatment.

Dedicated estate planning lawyer looks out for your concerns

Our firm helps clients designate appropriate individuals to make important decisions about their health and financial wellbeing in an emergency or in other pressing circumstances. We recommend that clients include the following advanced directives in their estate plans:

  • Power of attorney — We help clients designate the individuals that will make financial decisions if designated conditions should arise.
  • Living will — Unlike other wills that concern assets, a living will helps your loved ones make healthcare decisions when you are no longer able to make them yourself.
  • Healthcare proxies — A healthcare proxy allows a designated person to make your healthcare decisions should you become disabled or incapacitated.

When our firm’s attorney meets with you for an initial consultation, we will discuss your current situation and propose a plan that will satisfy your needs and goals.

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The Law Offices of Paul Marad LLP offers comprehensive estate planning and probate administration services to clients throughout Essex, Middlesex, and Suffolk Counties. Call our office today at (978) 590-7559 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.